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Supplementary tours on sundry public holidays

Ansturm zu Pfingsten 2010

On and around several public holidays, including but not limited to Easter, Whitsun and Ascension, we will be offering supplementary tours to satisfy increased visitor demand. For further details take a look at our calendar in the left hand margin of this page or consult the individual tour web pages.


Renaming Tour F The “mother and child Bunker Fichtestraße” will now be called “The Fichtebunker time capsule”.

Fuehrungen -- Tour F Titelbild

The formally named “mother-and-child-bunker” tour will now be called “The Fichtebunker time capsule”. The former gasometer in Fichtestraße Kreuzberg has a multi-faceted history of more than 130 years and goes beyond that of the Second World War. Therefore, it will be named “The Fichtebunker time capsule” from this point on. Due to the changing of the name, connected works of printing, announcements and external publications the change will be delayed. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any distraction there might be in reading of the non updated text. Information for the building and Tour F can be found here


New: Tour F in English Discover 130 years of history under one roof

Fuehrungen -- Tour F Titelbild

Please note that from this year our Tour F – The Fichtebunker time capsule also runs in English as a public tour. Every Thursday at 6 p.m. you can dicover 130 years of history under one roof. Tickets are available from 15 min. before the tour starts at the entrance of the building at Fichtestraße 6, Berlin-Kreuzberg. For further information click here


New: Seminars in English in 2014

Seminare -- Berlin 1945

One of our fascinating seminars is now available in English
In 2014 we will offer for the first time one of our successful seminars in English
In May and October 2014 we will devote two entire days to studying The Battle for Berlin, 1945. Using a range of locations throughout the city we will attempt to explain what happened in Berlin during the last weeks of the war.