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Descend with us… General information about our tours

Zeitgeschichte am authentischen Ort

Experience the history of Berlin from an unconventional perspective! Since 1999, the Berlin Underworlds Association has been offering regular tours into some of the most important underground structures in the city. Although the majority of our tours are in or near Gesundbrunnen station in the north of Berlin, we also offer tours in several other subterranean complexes that are otherwise not publicly accessible.

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  • The tour schedule is subject to change. In the period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, we have an altered tour schedule.
    NO TOURS: 2017, June 17th & 18th, December 23rd – 26th and 2018, January 1st.
    Please use the calendar function on the left hand side of the page to display which tours are taking place.
  • Our tours are not appropriate for children under 7 years of age. We regret that we must therefore refuse entry to children in this age group. This is due to the Jugendschutzgesetz (JuSchG) § 8 (German Child Protection Law). Due to the difficult historical themes discussed during our tours, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to decide whether children between 7 and 13 years of age may take part. The delivery and content of our tours is aimed at adults, and can only be recommended for children aged 14 years or older.
  • Schoolchildren, trainees and students are, subject to proof of status, entitled to a discount on certain tours. There are also discounts on some tours for those able to verify that they are unemployed, members of the Bundesfreiwilligendienst (State Volunteer Service), or are severely disabled. Discounts are only available when mentioned on our website or in our brochure.
  • Due to limitations imposed by the structure of the bunkers, our tours are not handicapped accessible.
  • Animals are not permitted on the tours.
  • Bags larger than a handbag or backpack are not allowed on our tours. Unfortunately we are unable to store luggage for guests. The same applies to baby strollers.
  • We offer a number of tours to members of the public at set times. Currently, we are able to offer tours 1,2,3 and M in English.
  • Tickets for the tours are only available on the day of the tour. Tickets are not available in advance.
  • We are unable to spontaneously accommodate large groups on the public tours as they are designed for and aimed at individual guests. For this reason, ticket sellers will not allow one person to buy more than five tickets.
  • When the bunkers are not being used for public tours, we are able to offer groups, whether school groups, friends, colleagues or customers, the opportunity to book group tours exploring Berlin from below. Not all tours are available at all times. Please read the notes accompanying each tour's web page for more details.
  • Some tours are only available as group tours. More information (themes, times and meeting points) can be found in the individual tour notes.
  • We offer a range of public and private tours in many languages, not just English and German. Please refer to our different language web pages for more information.
  • Our General Terms and Conditions, (which can be reviewed below) are applicable. We do provide an English translation as a courtesy, however it does not replace or amend the original German Terms and Conditions.
Clothes and equipment. 

We recommend that warm clothing (for example a pullover) is worn on all tours as underground structures can remain remarkably cold even in the height of summer.

On certain tours we expect the guests to bring equipment such as flashlights or rubber boots with them. Specific instructions are provided in our tour pages.

Filming and photography 

Filming and photography are generally not permitted in our underground facilities!

General Terms and Conditions 

General Terms and Conditions